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Ou ’s Yao Liangsong ’s screenplay won the highest award at the Asian Microfilm Festival. What made this 12-minute short film retrograde successful?


There is a border city in Yunnan called Lincang.

Lincang is home to 23 ethnic groups. In November each year, a group of mysterious people from more than 20 countries will gather.

This is the place where the Asian Microfilm Art Festival is held, an international microfilm event with extensive influence in the Asian region, and also the birthplace of the Golden Begonia Award in the microfilm field, the Asian award.

This year is the seventh. The Asian Microfilm Art Festival welcomed 4773 excellent works from 20 countries. Baili picked out dozens of outstanding works for recognition.


Among the winners of the best work of Asian micro-films, the "Golden Begonia Award", one is unique and special.

It is the only corporate brand micro-movie, and is written and written by the chairman of the company.


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Why should an outstanding entrepreneur be a writer who "does not do his job"?

Yao Liangsong, Chairman of Oupai Furniture, spent 25 years turning Oupai into a giant in China's home furnishing industry, but it only took 4 days to shoot "Calling You Home".


Behind Chang Changguo's decision was not whim, and contained the original intention of Yao Liangsong to establish the European School. This creative desire has been in Yao Liangsong's mind for more than 20 years, and the story has been conceived for 2 years.

Filming, acting, singing, and writing books said that many entrepreneurs have crossed the border after their success, but most of them are ticket players.

Yao Liangsong is different.

"Calling You Home", although immersed in personal feelings, started with business. "Going home", as the name suggests, is to return home without the words "home" and "love". "Home" is the commercial cultivation ground of Europa, while "love" is the spiritual totem of Europa.

Over the past 25 years, Yao Liangsong has injected "home" and "love" into the genes of the European school, and has been engraved in his own bones. Although these two words seem simple, they are heavy and carry the weight of life. Especially in the home furnishing industry that is closely related to "home", Yao Liangsong has too many feelings and feelings, and he must spit it out quickly.

He chose the method that he was good at, and also adopted the most applicable method.

Oupai started in the kitchen, and it was placed in the whole house customization and large home. It is rooted in home and precipitated in love. In real life, Yao Liangsong knows how to move a person's stomach. When creating micro-movies, he cleverly combines corporate aspirations, personal feelings, and national spiritual ownership, and uses "home" and "love" to make a rich tonic soup, which makes people willingly. Drink it out orally.

"Calling You Home" is such a micro-movie. Looking horizontally and vertically is a brand promotion video that embraces corporate aspirations, but it has a thought-provoking social core. Figurative gap. Individual stories refract universal phenomena, and emotional resonance triggers collective reflection, which eventually precipitates into the European brand genes and unique identification.

Because the European brand genes are "home" and "love". Yao Liangsong not only positions and thinks about the brand in the society, under the background of the times, or the needs of the crowd.

The same is true for making micro movies.


Why can a commercial micro movie win the highest award in Asia?

Among the various award-winning works of the Asian Micro Film Festival, pure and pure micro-films, either telling humanity or portraying human feelings, are rarely mixed with commercial elements in the bottom of the story.

In contrast, Shouting You Home stands out.

Why did the Asian Film Festival award the highest award to such a commercial microfilm with a distinctive brand mark?

Only after watching the work carefully can we realize it. Although "Calling You Home" is the original business intention, it has solid storytelling skills and superb filming quality that are enough to esteem the group films, especially the focus on social phenomena that can pry the people's emotions.


It does not use dazzling cinematic methods, deliberately discards complexity, does not add any flavoring condiments, and does not pursue the false pleasure of creating taste buds. It always uses a slightly sad third-party perspective to narrate this ordinary story, slowly simmering, using the natural flow of emotional rendering of the story and intermittent pauses to create a pot of original The delicious soup is refreshing.


The story has a strong sense of substitution. Whether it is the setting of the protagonist, the plot of the story, or the details of the picture, the audience can combine the experience of the protagonist with his own emotional experience to produce a sense of presence that tells his story. High and more prone to empathy.


At least half of the scenes and plots in micro-movies are familiar and experienced by most Chinese people.

For example, in the Spring Festival, catching green leather trains to lose things, buses tolerate smoking, ca n’t take a comfortable hot bath in winter, see a “barefoot doctor” when you are sick, and it ’s not long before the food is served on the table, holding a flashlight Taking the country road at night ... I believe that many people have experienced it more or less.



This is a true portrayal of life. It is the pain experienced during the rapid development of society. It is also an indelible memory of a generation. It is woven into the texture of Chinese homesickness, forming a reflection of hometown and memories of home. Live association.


An old topic, why can it bother you?

Come back home.

It will always be the main theme of the Spring Festival.

It stands to reason that we should be immune to such stories, but "Calling You Home" can uncover the scars healed, add a knife to it, and drip a few drops of spicy oil.

One drop into the soul!

Why did "Call You Home" succeed? This may be the answer to the film title designed by Yao Liangsong.

Calling you home, in the memory of many people, when the food is about to be cooked, the mother puts down the spatula and stands up to the village and yells at you loudly. It is a rest when you are enjoying the field. In a simple word, mixed with the smell of meals and mother's anxious and habitual waiting.

Although with the change of time, such a scene is gradually no longer performed, but it has evolved into a more terrible new social pain point-we are increasingly unwilling to go home!

All great marketing comes from a deep insight!

The European School's "Calling You Home" seized this core insight, and Yao Liangsong, who has been studying "home" and "love" for many years, also seized the "life gate" that can sting the audience.

This "life gate" is precisely the myth of "where is homesickness" being faced by more and more new urban immigrants.


The younger generation awakened from the independent consciousness has gone out of their hometown, and through many years of operation, has established and adapted a brand new circle of social and life comfort. From another perspective, they are no longer the hairy guys and yellow hairy girls who were originally living under the parent's lifestyle. They have their own habits and lifestyles, their own comfort zone, and going home means Disconnect from such a comfort zone.

The comfort zone when it was young is no longer a comfort zone. Changes in the lifestyles and ways of getting along with new immigrants in cities are difficult to reintegrate into the context of life in their hometowns.

The dependence of the comfort zone, the persistence and separation of the two generations' lifestyles, have gradually reduced the family's emotional bridges and become a contradictory gunpowder. As a result, most people instinctively choose to shorten this time and choose to escape.

Escaped too much, then faded away.

Home gradually became a residence, a line of address, without the constant fetters, the original relationship of blood thicker than water was lost. Everyone gradually enlarges the problems that they want to avoid, and ignores the need for family relationships and attention to parents.

This phenomenon is particularly evident during the Spring Festival, which is full of rituals.

Reunion at home is the highest point of the Spring Festival, but times have gradually broken it down.


There is a detail worthy of "Calling You Home"-five years ago, the male family reluctantly returned home and called "return home". Five years later, the male family returned home and called "home" again. . Chew, "back home" and "home", although the purpose and path are almost the same, but the characters' internal emotions are more or less different.

The former carries a sense of weight, while the latter carries a sense of expectations.


The back-to-back story structure designed by Yao Liangsong actually displays the emotional conflicts faced by the hero in front of you, penetrates deeply into your skin, and uncovers the paralysis of self-escaping, which makes you have to examine yourself.

This stitch is enough to see the blood; this drop is enough to enter the soul!


A 12-minute video, how to win in the tide of creative short films?

Making short videos has almost become the standard in marketing circles in recent years.

Cater to the audience's taste, use novelty, brain hole, sand sculpture, etc. to attract the attention of the audience, to meet the audience's fragmented time usage habits and "nipple music" style preferences.

Movies are getting shorter and shorter, more direct and rude, and more and more carnival. Because grabbing attention and traffic is the primary purpose.

What remains after the hustle and bustle, most brands don't want to think hard for the time being.

Oupai Household and its helm Yao Liangsong just think a lot. This is why the European faction has to take risks and go in the opposite direction, concocting a 12-minute "short film".

For such a long time, for many people, it is super-standard, without the courage and desire to click.

But it was the bubble that repelled. As long as the content was good, it was not difficult for people to "turn their minds".

After the official release of "Calling You Home" before the Spring Festival this year, the entire network has reached over 300 million exposures, and it has also received over 100 million views. Even the Douyin channel, which has always been known for its short and flat, has no In the case of push, only natural traffic alone has also achieved nearly 10 million playbacks.

Behind this is the audience's recognition and respect for good content. More importantly, this also proves from the side that the audience is not blindly trying to entertain content, which has washed away their "counts". It's not that the deep content can't impress them, but that it is good enough to present to them.

"Calling You Home" is the victory of the content!

In addition to painful thinking, this microfilm also creates and reinforces conflict.

The micro-film contradicts the tentative complaints of sons and daughters-in-law with the silence of parents, and strongly opposes the freedom of urban comfort circles with the awkwardness of rural areas. Through the "carrier" of grandson, the third generation is used to link the conflicts between two generations and The complex mood, the drama and appeal of the story, and the early psychological resonance between the audience and the role have also formed.

The more conflict, the more eye-catching.


So, no longer "long"!

In the eyes of conflicts and contrasts such as “not going home for several years”, “want to go home”, “wife and children return home to suffer and suffer cold” and “parents’ expectations ”, the audience ’s attention is focused on this and the brand ’s performance Opportunity also lies here-the European school's "custom" concept and features finally resolve this series of conflicts.



Why does a low-profile home business keep shooting short videos?

"Calling You Home" isn't the first time a European video has been shot.

Prior to this, the European series of "Werewolf's Mid-Autumn Troubles" series, "Grandpa's Magic", and "My Robot Daddy" were very successful. After that, "Shared Dad" sparked huge debate.

Of course, Oupai is not just making videos. Oupai's various brand communications are well-deserved innovators in the industry. The explosive video in the past two years has made Oupa to break the circle and spread to the whole country. status.

Those who follow the European style may have a feeling. Although this series of short films constantly changes the expression and skills, they can clearly see a core context behind them.

The European series of advertisements are all highly related to important home-related nodes such as the Spring Festival, the International Family Day 515, and the Mid-Autumn Festival. The European schools focus on family and love, instilling a gradual and subtle subject to instill, "Pai" brand concept and "Everyone deserves unique customization" product and service concepts are deeply rooted.




Today, the differentiation between products is becoming more and more insignificant. In particular, the low-frequency consumption and low-attention home furnishing industry, it is undeniable that what determines the brand's market position is the brand's overall image and personality.

In this respect, Europa is a well-deserved winner.

Good advertising is not limited to exposing brand and product information and directly converting traffic and sales. A single shouting ad is simply not enough to attract and impress consumers. A really good advertisement can subtly shape a brand culture and values in the heart of consumers.

The establishment of such a value system is not a matter of overnight, but a process of continuous accumulation. As more and more people choose to take market-oriented shortcuts, Europa settles down and chooses a more socially meaningful way, and continues to export the value system with value, temperature and thickness to the public. This is the road to brand equity accumulation.

Although it seems unlucky, it is thick and deep enough. This brand moat is difficult for impersonators to surpass.

Europe's huge market share, stable growth momentum and high brand enthusiasm are the best evidence.